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Ladies, we're no longer in our 30's anymore; it's time that you learn the best way to lose weight after 40 and keep the results. 

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Your Virtual At Home Trainer

Your personal online gym experience. In this membership site, you'll have access to all of the workouts from The SuperStar Elite program. Each month, new workouts and new programs are added to help you succeed in your long term goals! 

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Woman stepping her way to success with weight loss after 40

 Fit After Forty

Tired of changes that never last long enough to enjoy? Confused about what to eat and how to exercise to get results to help you look and feel better? Here's the 12 Week Fit After Forty course. Apply now and experience the SuperStar methods to losing weight and transforming your body after 40 without dieting.

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One on One Health Coaching

Looking for a total mind/body approach to your lifestyle goals? 

Sign up for a Health Coaching Session with Kathy. The first session is FREE and in this session we will dive deeply into your goals, your obstacles and a game plan for your best results in all areas of life.

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Hi, I'm Kathy, a fitness fanatic turned health coach intent on helping women over the age of 40 achieve their best body/mind goals to feel better than ever before!


More About Me

"Which option is best for me"?  


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Monthly Workout Membership

For the woman who is solely looking to work up a great sweat without the cost of typical exercise programs. With over 25 years of experience teaching at top-rated gyms in the L.A. area, Kathy now brings her heart pumping workouts online for anyone to do!

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Fit After Forty

A user-friendly, 12 Week Online Course designed specifically for the woman over the age of 40 to achieve and KEEP her desired results. Get ready to lose fat, gain strength, and get confident by turning everything you know about diets upside down.

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One on One Health Coaching

A holistic approach to help a client make important lifestyle changes to improve her physical and emotional well being. This is a bi-weekly call together & action steps to commit to after each session. A typical program can last 6-12 months or as long as needed to achieve the desired outcomes. 

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What can you expect from me?

The SuperStar Elite is all about sustainable results after 40, overall life balance, and women empowerment. We are becoming our strongest and healthiest selves from the inside out by creating simple, better habits. No matter which option you choose, you can count on three things:

Strengthen & Tone Your Body

Prove age is just a number by creating long term results to look and feel your best


We don't want perfection here; for the times you need some extra guidance/support, you've got it 100%.


No more one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter weight loss programs. We're going to focus on your life & tailor the weightloss to you. 

Fit After Forty


Our highest value offer

Personalized food/ exercise plan to meet your needs
  • One-on-One support 
  • Empowering online woman group environment
  • Access to ALL of Kathy's workouts 
  • Simple nutrition course
  • Valuable weekly roundtables 
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Membership means you get it all

 Want a little bit of everything? This option is for you: Sign up here to join our Fit After Forty program. Act now and you will get 7 days for FREE!

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"Kathy has helped me so much with positive thinking, nutrition ideas and overall wellness! 😊 Very impressed with my progress!"


"I simply say if you are really serious give Kathy a try. She's awesome and it's not about dieting it's about getting healthy"


"Kathy is awesome! Very Informative and great help."


"My chiropractor was amazed by my progress and muscle definition! Thanks Kathy!"


"I feel empowered! In it to win it by being consistent!"


"I've yoyo dieted my whole life to result in me just feeling weak. Ever since starting with Kathy, I've felt stronger and leaner than I was in college!"

 Nutrition at its Simplest.

The foods in our lives have become so highly criticized in recent years-leading an overwhelming percentage of people to confusion when it comes to their nutrition. Get back to the basics here and learn how to enjoy the foods you love again!

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Chatty Kathy Podcast

Ready to empower your life in all areas? Listen in as Kathy shares her real talk in her podcast, "Chatty Kathy".

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